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Produce & Edit

Planning and ideas are essential, but they'll never amount to anything if you don't hit the record button. In this stage, we'll learn everything you need to turn your podcast into a polished audio file.

Step 1

Gear & tech

Before you record your podcast, you’re going to need something to record it with. Here, we’ve got you covered…

What are the best podcasting mics?

best podcast mics

The Best Podcast Microphones

There are so many mics out there on the market, so let’s find the one that’s perfect for YOU.

What other podcast equipment will you need?

best podcast equipment

Podcast Equipment & Setup

Let’s run through the various pieces of equipment commonly used to record a podcast, then. We’ll start with the microphone, then look at things like recorders, USB interfaces, and even headphones.

Step 2

Recording your podcast

This is it, then. Time to hit record…

How to record your podcast

how to record a podcast

How to Record a Podcast

Learn how to record a podcast, from quick, easy methods to high-quality, pro approaches. Planning, gear, and software are all here.

Best podcast recording software

podcast recording software

Best Podcast Recording Software

Podcast recording software comes in many forms, and most will do a bit more than simply record audio. Find one that best suits you right here!

How to create a silent home studio

silent home studio

Setting Up Your Podcast Studio

A home podcast studio can be as simple as spending $10 at the pet store. Intrigued? Here are our top tips for soundproofing & treating a space.

Step 3

Editing & production

When the recording stops, the editing and production begin. How do you take those raw recordings and polish them up into something magical?

How do you edit a podcast?

podcast editing

How & Where to Edit Your Podcast

From learning to use dedicated software to automating production with an app – here are various ways to handle your editing!

What are the best apps & software for producing a podcast?

best podcast editing software

Best Podcast Editing Software

There’s no single “best” podcast editing software option out there, because everyone’s different. In this post, find an option that suits you!

How do you get podcast music?

podcast music

Where to Find Podcast Music

Find what podcast music you’re allowed to use, and where to find the best tracks, both free and paid. We have some discount codes in here for you, too!

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